The chimney can be a dominant, interesting architectural feature on the exterior of a home. As such, a well-designed home needs a fireplace and chimney that are aesthetically and architecturally pleasing as well as effective and energy efficient. We are qualified and trained to do a thorough inspection to asses and determine the proper course of action for your fireplace and chimney.

Inspecting your Chimney:

Deteriorated brick or block, crown or cap and joints - Look primarily for damaged caused from cycles of freezing/thawing, also known as Spalling - the deterioration of masonry surfaces and appears in older structures, parapets, freestanding and retaining walls. Isolated spalling at lintels or shelf angles is extremely important to inspect since it may indicate a more serious  problem.

Severely deteriorated brick and joints

Efflorescence is the white film on the face of masonry, which results from excessive moisture or rainwater being absorbed into walls. As the moisture evaporates the salts within the masonry are deposited on the wall face.



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